Fat White Vampire Otaku

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Fat White Vampire Otaku

The long awaited third installment in the Fat White Vampire/Jules Duchon series of humorous horror novels. Jules and his vampiric family suffer through the ravages of Hurricane Antonia and struggle to survive in a city nearly entirely depopulated. Where will they get their blood? But salvation comes from the most unlikely source possible — a trio of Japanese superheroes called Bonsai Master, Anime Girl, and Cutie-Scary Man. Yet that salvation comes with a terrifying but humourous price… the blood which the three superheroes donates has unpredictable effects on Jules and his family. Chaos ensues in the best tradition of the Fat White Vampire series!

Coming from MonstraCity Press in May, 2014

Purchase this book from Amazon for the Kindle for $5.99

2 comments on “Fat White Vampire Otaku
  1. Mike says:

    Do you have a paperback release date for FWV OTAKU?

    • My wife Dara has been the member of the family responsible for editing and formatting for various editions. We’ve been embroiled in a lot of family issues this summer, so she’s had to take time off to devote all her time to our children. I’m hoping she can get back to her MonstraCity Press duties once the kids are back in school in the fall. Please keep watching this space for news. I’m anticipating a September-October release of the trade paperback. Thanks much for being patient, and I apologize for the wait. Sometimes life intrudes on the best laid plans, as I’m sure you understand.

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